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Innovation spacecraft travels across Galaxy to help startups in need. Through this journey, the Innovation spaceship became acquainted with the Galaxy startup hub: the Earth ... 


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Branding, Marketing and Business Development

We explain the business in a simple way even an alien will understand. Innovation Spaceship started its own activity by generating educational content in the startup ecosystem and expanded it by providing services for startups and companies.

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HMS offers a high-level consulting program based on its portfolio of experts.

Social Media

Enhance Strategy, Provide content calendar, Provide Textual and graphical content, enhance engagement, Monthly Reports, manage all Social media accounts and etc.

Graphic Design

Booklet, Brochure, Logo, Official Set, UI Design and etc.

Product and Finance

Customer value Product, Product Road Map, Financial valuation, Financial Program.

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Robert Gerrish once said: "You just need one person to listen, get your message, and pass it on to someone else." And for us -Pilots of HMSapceship- there is nothing more important that spreading educational and motivational speeches to all over the universe.







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