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HMS Innovation contains 3 business lines: educational, news, and International all in the startup and entrepreneur fields.

Why we have these sections?!

Knowledge is power and lack of knowledge hurts. by hurting we mean the damage that we can bring to a business, brand, or the future that we are seeking for. No matter whether you have a keen desire to run a business or you are a freelancer who serves other businesses, you have to perceive that brand and business to prevent hurting it. right? InnovationBook offers precise and short courses which can give you a lead to empower your knowledge. InnovationNews let you know about your peers, competitors, and ideals in order to improve your business model. Innovation Journals is all about startups' success stories, entrepreneurs' lives and etc. Courses in Design School enable registrants to study a wide range of topic areas about product design and graphical design.

Innovation Book

Startup and entrepreneurship academy

Innovation News

Startup and entrepreneurship news

Innovation Journal

International journal of startup and entrepreneurship

Design School

Graphic and product design school

Explore our sections

Let's see all our sections in detail including the products and services that we offer to you.

Innovation book

Explore and learn everything about startups and entrepreneurship with us.
in this section of our spaceship, we have academic courses in business, marketing, branding, HR management, design, product and etc. 
you can follow these courses on our channels like social media (Instagram, LinkedIn, telegram) and for more disciplined programs you can use our app to have a regular program and tests. 

Innovation News

Read all the startup news on our channels.
in this section, we present to you the latest news across the world daily, and you can follow up from our social media channels (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter) or use our app for sending it to your device through the notification bar.

Innovation Journal

Innovation journal is our international section.
all the media and data that we noticed before are available in the English language too.
although we present the news about startups all around the world in this section too.

Design school

One of the most important assets of a brand is its visuality because you can show your mindset and goals to your audience.
Therefore HMS innovation has some educational plans in the design fields such as graphic design, UI/UX design, and product design.
these plans are some packages that contain videos, details and descriptions, homework, and a final test. you can provide these packages on our app.

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