Run and boost your business easily with HMS innovation tickets

Each and every vehicle has a ticket, and so does Innovation Spaceship.

By providing a ticket not only you can enjoy exploring space, but also we can complete the work that you assigned to the HMS team.


In the Innovation spaceship, we have both advising and consulting plans. both advising and consulting plans need deep professional knowledge and we provide organizational strategies to help businesses tackle the problems that they have faced.


Our mission is to help all businesses especially startups grow their business. This scaling up can be strengthened by improving the branding section or maybe the marketing part. it doesn't matter where the problem lies, we will stand by your side to find it and solve it.

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Social Media package

Our social media package contains graphic design, content calendar, content writing, strategies, admin and monthly report.

Graphic Design

Design with the aim of lead generation

Content creation : Designing templates, Designing posts and stories, Live photos, Short videos, and etc.


Planning company's Social Media strategy (Based on company's Marketing Strategy, bench mark)

Define goals, objectives and KPIs

Implementing Social Media strategy


Generate interactive content based on considering copywrite

Define content calendar (monthly) based on strategy


Managing and monitoring

Submit monthly report

Develops engaging, creative, innovative content for regularly scheduled posts

Admin for social medias

branding and marketing

Let us help you in branding, marketing plans and strategies

HMS branding plan contains the Brand core, Creative core, 3W (Why, What, Who), Brand statements, Brand Archetype and Brand Collateral.

Designing Section

In the designing section of our spaceship, we provide you all designing services.

  • All the alternatives will be design based on the client needs.
  • There are various packages based on what you need, specially in logo item considering the several types it can be.
  • Business collateral (print): business card, header, envelope and stamp.
  • Social media design including posts, stories, Highlight covers and etc.
  • Booklet, Company profile, Company catalogue, flyers, Posters and etc.
  • UX/UI design (Competitive Analysis Report, UX Research Reports, Sitemap, UX Wireframe, Visual Design.)

Booklet and Brochure


Official Set

Brand book

Packaging Design

UI/UX Design


HMS Innovation offers consulting based on its portfolio of experts having experience in:

Marketing, Designing, Business development, Product developing, Human resources, Branding, Processes 

Consulting Subjects


Business Growth


Social Media


Business, marketing and branding agency

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